Series 2000 and 12000 Pullers:
Adapters and Blades
Series 2000 Pullers:
Width: at Bracket 7.5"
Shaft Dia.: 2.25"
Weight: 16.5 Lbs.
Footplate: 4"X7"
Finish: Powder coated
Hammered Dark Green.
Material: Carbon Steel,
Lead screw gears are
case hardened.
Ratio: 8:1
Lift: 10"
Concrete Adapter;
Height: 10"
Material: Low carbon steel. 3" Wide Channel.
Width: (clearance for concrete plug): 21-1/2"
Finish: Powder-Coated: Hammered Dark Green
Clevis Pins: to hold the Puller in place securley.
Series 2000 Lifting capacity: 2,000 Lbs
This Post Puller is designed to pull wood or metal posts buried 2'-3' deep
with or without concrete.
Series 12000 Lifting Capacity 12,000 Lbs.
For northern climates where codes require fence post to be buried 4' we have a 12,000 Lb. Puller in development.  It will be available mid 2012.
Special adapters:
Are available for "V" shaped metal posts used for signs and other odd size metal posts.  Just let us know what you need.
Team Technologies II, LLC Specifications
Steel Blades: (Chain Link)
Steel Blade Material (chain Link Posts):  Low carbon steel.  Case Hardened.
Bolt and coupling nut are Grade 5, with a  5/8" Socket head to match the drive screw (no need to change sockets.)
Wood Blades:
Wood Blade Material (4" X 4" wood post):  Low carbon steel.  Case Hardened.
T-Post Adapter
T-Post Adapter Material:  Low carbon steel.  Case Hardened.  Pulls all sizes of agriculture T-Posts.  Will not damage steel post.  Automatic indexing back to the starting position for a second lift cycle if needed.  Also available as a stand alone Post Puller, see pricing/order page for details.
Wood 4X4
Tent Stake
In redesign picture coming soon.
Wood 6X6